Silent Auction Ideas Tips

Silent auction is somewhat different from the normal auction, where the auctioneer, who calls out the price of the things. In the silent auction, the bid is written on a sheet of paper and it ends at a set of pre-announced time or sometimes at the end of a secret pre-determined time. This type of auction is a great option for raising funds for a charitable event. As it is quite tricky, it is advisable to follow some silent auction tips, so that you can raise more funds.

o Location:
The location of silent auction is very important and it silent auction ideas is worth to feature your auction items near the ticket sales area. People who wait in a queue to buy the ticket can get a chance to know what is being offered for auction sale. It is also valuable to choose the entrance area, as it has more traffic.

o Feature a wide variety of items:
One of the most useful silent auction tips is to display a wide variety of items that are handy in nature. Be sure to keep items that appeal various types of people. You can feature gift certificates for day spas, tickets to see a new movie, clothing items etc. It is valuable to get items that people cannot get easily. For instance, a dinner with a celebrity can make a great auction item.

o Attractive display:
It is important to place your best items in the most visible areas. You can even arrange for spotlight to emphasize the items. You can use an inspirational backdrop to give a dramatic effect. It is better to allow people to touch and feel the items that attract them. Instead of spreading too many small items, you can group similar items together into a package and put them in a gorgeous basket. The bidders want to examine the items. Before placing their bids, so it is important to give sufficient lighting to the place, where the auction is held. If you display some precious items, take steps to secure them. You can place them in attractive secure display cases. Displaying things attractively is a useful silent auction tip that can bring you more money.

o Make arrangements for easy bidding:
The bidders always have something in their hand like a tea cup, cola, purse etc. It is therefore wise to make it possible to bid with one hand. Give provisions like bid sheet and description. Also provide a pen next to each item, so that the bidder can easily make his bid. Following these simple silent auction tips can help you to get the desirable results easily.

o Give sufficient time:
Before ending the silent auction, make sure whether you give enough time for all bidders. You can give a warning, before closing the auction. This can help to raise the enthrallment of the people and encourage them to bid at the last minute.