Microsoft Certification – Overview and Study Methods

The article expects to assist clients with understanding what the blunder obscure 0x8004060C is in Microsoft Standpoint and how to fix it utilizing straightforward techniques. The strategies portrayed here are straightforward and right until date. It is as yet suggested that clients adhere to the directions precisely to sort the ideal issue out without running into normal Microsoft Viewpoint issues and in the long run reaching Microsoft specialized help administrations.

Is it safe to say that you can’t send or get messages in Microsoft Viewpoint 2002? Is it safe to say that you are searching for an extremely durable answer for fix the blunder message ‘Errand ‘Microsoft Trade Server – Getting’ revealed mistake (0x8004060C): ‘Obscure Blunder 0x8004060C’? On the off chance that indeed, the article is for you. Obscure 0x8004060C is one of the CCNA exam normal mistakes in Viewpoint 2002 that happens when the size of overall.pst document arrives at past its ability (2GB). Viewpoint then, at that point, quits conveying to the server to keep the current documents from being defiled. Since you have perceived the reason why the issue happens, how about we begin to fix the issue.


Open Standpoint, right snap on the Erased Things organizer, and select the Void Erased Things Envelope. Whenever incited for an affirmation, click on the Yes button. It is must to discharge the envelope as superfluous sends will just add to the messiness in your letter drop and thus make issues like these.

Other than the Erased Things envelope, erase every one of the undesirable, superfluous sends or connections (that you never again need) from your letter drop because of the explanation very much made sense of above.

Lessen the size of the.pst document by compacting it. This will fix the issue just for the time until additional messages come in and the record size surpasses its breaking point once more. Subsequently, it’s a temp arrangement however should be performed.

Make a new.pst document and afterward split your Viewpoint information into it. This will be the most straightforward answer for perform and save your Viewpoint information.

On the off chance that the issue proceeds, download a.pst split programming from a confided in site. You can browse different free or paid.pst split programming adaptations according to your accommodation. Save the document to your favored place where it is effectively available from. When done, find the document, double tap on it and run. Hold on until the interaction gets done and parts your Standpoint information into a few small.pst documents.

The best arrangement is to overhaul your Windows XP Administration Pack (SP) through Microsoft or Windows Updates or visit Microsoft’s site to get the most recent SP. This will eliminate the imperfection of 2GB size limit and empower you to proceed appreciate sending or getting messages in Standpoint.

Extra Tips:

Set Windows Updates to naturally download the most recent updates. This will save you from the aggravation of recollecting and downloading the updates physically.