Methods and Techniques of Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is the department of astrology that offers with the possible and real health and sicknesses of the purchaser. Usually, people come to the astrologer in times of awesome existence modifications, together with

Should I change my activity?

When will I come into my inheritance?

Should I marry him/her? Etc

To the medical astrologer, but, people come inside the stepped forward levels of the contamination, frequently after some type of surgical procedure has already taken area, at the side of a wealthy records of dealing with doctors. The standard questions for the scientific astrologer are:

Should I cross for surgical operation?

Does it ought to be a surgical treatment?

When should the surgical operation take region?

Why don’t we’ve kids?

Do I have most cancers?

Will my cancer come to pass this 12 months? Etc

If the occasions inside the history of infection coincide with sure astrological transits and configurations, we can locate the astrological motive for infection, deliver the diagnosis for the course and period of the infection, and determine upon a therapy wanted and so forth. The contrary situation often takes place as properly: the patron comes for the usual astrological consultation, but the astrologer sees in the horoscope a chance long earlier than the illness has manifested and materialized.

A super deal of expectancies is connected to the advice the scientific astrologer gives. Will there be a surgical operation or now not, to head for chemotherapy or no longer, for a radiology therapy or now not…

“On Tuesday, I have a radiology remedy appointment, have to I move?”

“The health practitioner endorsed taking my bladder away to stop the cancer from spreading, have to I try this or not?”

Medical astrology is the cruelest department of astrology. If you can’t undergo assembly with tough, terminal pathologies, if you do no longer want to take deadly duty for the consequences of you recommendation — you higher don’t do it. If you aren’t a scientific medical doctor by using profession, you may need to prepare well and study literature, seek advice from medical doctors, acquire information from the Internet, take part in forums, agencies, club sites etc.

The issues of curing are notably special to what astrologers typically do all through the reading. In an ideal global, astrologers recommend and customers alternate their conduct, on the way to spend the surplus electricity the planets and stars send them. Medical astrologer may be more concrete and advise carrying certain crystals, colours, aromatherapy, flower remedies and so on. It is quality that the professions of medical astrologer and scientific medical doctor do no longer mix. Ideally, scientific astrologer does now not treatment and the client is not the patient, unless the clinical astrologer is scientific medical doctor as nicely, or ultimately, a certified homeopath. Neither need to medical astrologer be a healer: she or he have to handiest deliver a notably certified diagnosis of malefic impacts that have already manifested as a ailment and will — except not anything is undertaken — retain to take place as a result, possibly with heavier effects as the time progresses.

Medical astrologer reaches out for all astrological strategies and strategies from which something may be deduced about the character of contamination. He or she must be, notably, a competent astrologer, need to command a big selection of astrological techniques and use them for the benefit of the client and their health. Since she or he offers recommendation about recovery, but can’t heal on his own, in a great international, he or she have to be connected to docs and healers, must recognize their natal charts and through synastry determine whom the affected person have to see next. However, for sensible reasons, it is quality that the patron reveals his or her very own docs and healers to go after traveling the astrologer, in any other case, in case some thing is going incorrect (and with sick people it constantly will), the astrologer may be accused of having a deal with the physician that he has despatched the purchaser to.

From the chart, it’s far feasible to determine upon the kind of therapy, inclusive of homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, vibropathy, rub down, classical remedy, attending spas, aromatherapy, crystal restoration, Su Jok, and so forth.

The Signs

Signs constitute the twelve massive systems in the frame vist of guy, beginning with Aries which represents the pinnacle, during the signal of Pisces, ruling the feet. The signs and symptoms that incorporate the planets, both by using start or thru advanced horoscopes, will stand out, or will maximum probable be the resources of contamination. For every sign a special tissue salt exists; those are the building substances for human frame, the materials thru the combination of which tissues, organs, systems of organs, and sooner or later the complete frame are built. Using those salts on their very own or with the aid of combining them in material or homeopathic doses, one’s fitness may be lots stepped forward.