Benefit Auctions Need a Live silent Auction ideas

A lot of work and thought goes into planning a charity auction, there are venues to book, items to secure, advertising for the event, and food and refreshments to get. You want to have a successful outcome for your charitable cause, and one way to do this is to include a live auction.

Organizers sometimes think that the best ways silent auction items ideas to raise money for their charity is to sell tickets, get donated items, and then hold a silent auction. They think that the items will sell themselves, and that will be the arrangement that their guests will be most comfortable with. However studies show that only 25% of invited guests will actually place bids on the silent auction items. You might think: ‘but it’s so easy, all they have to do is write their names down on a piece of paper, and then keep checking back if there’s an item they really want to buy, so that their name is last on the list’. A good amount of money can be raised this way but there is an interesting psychology at work at charitable events.

The psychology relates to people’s need and desire for appreciation and public acknowledgment for their good deeds. This doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone but when people are coming out to a special event to raise money for charity they enjoy the recognition that comes from being the winning, high bidder on a specific item. They enjoy having their generosity on display, and feel rewarded by it. It also encourages even more generosity.